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Many products we produce may certainly be used more than once. In fact, our Smart Set Pro series of containers and lid are embossed with the phrase "top shelf dishwasher safe". These containers are great for home use, especially when needing to warm up food items in the microwave.

Our Clear Hinged Deli containers are also a favorite item to be re-used in the home. We get many communications from consumers who tell us the delis are perfect for storing left-overs. They love the fact that the containers are super clear which allows them to see what the left-over is without having to open and close the package over and over.

We encourage the practice of reusing our containers by consumers who happen to receive our take-out packaging from their favorite eatery establishment. It is an excellent way to save a few dollars on home food container spending and in the case of the Smart Set Pro and Hinged Deli Containers…just toss them into your curb side recycling bin so that they may be recycled and reused yet again!

multiple use food containers takeout food container ready for reuse

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